Physical therapy

Are you struggling with an injury? Do you have trouble moving smoothly, or are you experiencing painful joints or muscles? Don’t hesitate and book an appointment for physical therapy, in the comfort of your own home! We can help you with:

• Physical therapy
• Training therapy
• Sports massage
• Rehabilitation

• Injury prevention
• Advise and fitness guidance
• Training schedules
• Weightloss and bodysculpting

Experienced physical therapist

Marlon was educated at the prestigious Thim van der Laan Institute in Utrecht, Netherlands and has been active as a physical therapist in the Netherlands for many years. Because of his background in sports, he understands better than anyone how annoying problems with the musculoskeletal system can be. Based on your personal story, he will set up a specific treatment plan, which will quickly reduce your discomfort.


For physical therapy and massages we offer single sessions, 8-cards and 12-cards. All products have options for 30-minute sessions, 45-minute sessions and 60-minute sessions. You can also choose for physical therapy or a masage from the comfort of your own home.


  • • Purchase a package for physical therapy or massage in our webshop
  • • Download our Android or iOS app
  • • Click on ‘Appointment Schedule’ and then on the + Sign in the right bottom corner
  • • Select ‘Physical therapy’ or ‘Massages’ as a category and choose the desired activity
  • • Select an available timeslot from our calender and you’re booked in!


Not sure what package to buy? Or would you like to know more before making a purchase? Please contact Marlon directly for more information or to set up an appointment for pyhsical therapy: or +599 9 688 0213.